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Daily Supplications

Learn Daily Supplications

To please Allah, we should make supplications every day. As a result, calling on the name of Allah Almighty helps one flee horrifying aspects of life. All Muslim brothers and sisters must therefore recite and learn the daily duas throughout the day. We ask Allah for protection against Shaitaan (The Devil) through supplications.  ALLAH has given us many verses in Quran that are beneficial spiritually.

There are many DUAA’S in the holy Quran which offers us all the blessings and bounties. Surely, each supplication has different bounty according to the Quran. 

Benefits of Learning Daily Supplications

Daily duas support us in being self-assured, patient, excelling in all we attempt, avoiding evil deeds in life, wishing for better advancement, and other virtues. These are undoubtedly Islamic DUAAs. With AQC, kids and parents may now learn daily prayers online.

These daily Duas are taken exactly from the authentic HADITH and Islamic studies books, not at random from unrecognized literature.

As a result, daily prayers for children have a significant impact on their life. They learn the appropriate phrases to use during meals and before and after sleeping. How should ablution be done in view of the Quran? And how can stress be reduced? One will be able to feel assured in every circumstance after reading the Duaas.

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