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Islamic Studies for kids

Islamic Studies for Kids

The course of Islamic studies for kids is open to all ages. Both men and women may sign up for this training. What exactly is an Islamic course? For all Muslims, studying Islam is the basis of learning. Therefore, it covers all aspects of Islamic law. Traditions related to our religion are covered in this course.

  1. Islamic Kalam (Theology),

  2. Islamic history (Complete History of Prophet, Battles, and Achievements of Islam),

  3. Fiqh—Wajib, Haraam, Mandub, Makruh, and Mubah (Sarah/Islamic Law),

  4. Aqidah (Six beliefs of Islam). It is the philosophy of Islam.

Why Islamic Studies?

We have Islamic teachers who explain Islam’s virtues. Without any doubt, Islamic studies for children are now quite simple and available at our academy. History education is important to remember. It is still the sole thing that enables one to advance. Those who can read and write can readily study Islamic history.

Islam is a comprehensive code of human conduct. It educates us on the political, economic, social, and laws governing marriage and divorce. There are numerous other religions, but only Islam compiles all the queries and answers in a single book. It is the Holy Quran, which is the book of Allah.

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