Al Hadi Quran Campus

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What we Offer

Online Quran learning with tajweed for kids and adults. We endeavor to present a variety of range in courses under the supervision of our expert tutors.

Quran Recitation

You will learn the proper pronunciation of verses of Quran, different rules of reciting, and even the etiquette of Quran recitation.

Quran Tafseer

Tafseer is an explanation and interpretation of the Will of ALLAH. In this course, you will learn the meaning of verses word by word.

Quran Memorization

Through this particular and personalized course, you or your kids can learn memorizing Quran with our expert Quran tutors.

Noorani Qaida

It is the foundation course of the Quran. Students will also learn how Arabic letters link together or separate, how to read words.

Islamic Studies for Kids

An Islamic study is the main pillar of learning for all Muslims. So, it deals with the complete code of Islam.

Learn Daily Supplications

Daily supplications should be in our routine to please Allah. Therefore, daily supplications for kids have a great impact on the lives of children.


General Question

Every wise man thinks twice before making any decision, and the same principle applies to online classes. The world is running quickly, and time is equally fleeting. Attending a physical academy can be financially burdensome, and local institutions may not always offer the best teachers who are up to standard. Hence, online classes present the ideal solution to this predicament. Our online classes are affordable, and we employ highly qualified teachers from around the world who will offer nothing but the best quality services.

To ensure our students remember their scheduled classes, we send them reminders. They can choose the timing that suits them best as we prioritise their convenience. We help our students by sending text messages to keep them informed, ensuring that nobody missed their Quran classes under any circumstances. It is our motto to activate our students timely. If there any upcoming tests, we shall be liable to let you know. We provide the results of weekly and monthly tests through messages.

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This remains the main part of our learning. There is no doubt that a pupil follows creative and entertaining skills far better and faster. We have added quiz competition and questioning classes. Therefore, students will perform their creative learning. The classes are always in full swing. They do not cause students to bore. The teachers know how to resume students’ creativity—playing games while learning is not the end of the day. We offer students visual aid to lift their growth in online lessons.